Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ToHeart2 Nanako 1/5 Blue Sukumizu by Kotobukiya

This is Nanako the blue version of the HCG image in ToHeart2 Another Days H-Game.

Character: Nanako 菜々子 
Series: ToHeart2 Another Days
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Since: December 2008
Scale Size: 1/5

This is the blue swimsuit version of Nanako from ToHeart2,  something I neglected to mention about the white version, is that her wrist bands are also fuzzy like.  How they did it, is beyond me.  I also have the "Adult" version of this figure which of course is a Kit, and does not have fuzzy stuff...  So I am curious on how I am going to make it.


Because I have made it a personal goal to collect every single type of Nanako figure in existence.  I suppose you can call it a minor obsession mixed with a hobby.  

This one happens to be on my right NZXT Apollo case ( Silver ).   The other on my left NZXT Apollo case.   If you are looking to buy this figure, I can recommend ebay, or yahoo Japan auction. She is becoming more rare by the day, and her price is much higher than it used to be. So good luck! Highly Recommended Figure.

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